We had a smaller group this year, but that didnt stop the fun! We also expanded our dwelling area with a new gazebo! made for great fellowship. The weather was fab most of the time as was the location. God moved as He always does and people including our group were blessed and encouraged. All in all another fanstastic year at Soul Survivor, here's to 2014!
best grub on camp!
Lois, Kira and Josh back for more!
gazebo made a nice chill out zone
enjoying the beautiful weather for once!
Wopsi's hair salon
Sam and Nathan hard at work as usual
Joel enjoying some relaxation time
Jamie showing that the word is all the food he needs!
Chloe looking very summery
Hazel and Sharon hard at work
King Dave and his serving wenches
Jamie James youth pastor and quiz master general
standard of play was rubbish this year because of Dave's dodgy knee and absence
Joel looking rather pleased hes at front of queue
Rachel pleased with her creation
the beautiful birthday girl Josie enjoying her cake
Hazel hard at work as usual
another beautiful sunset
girlie feet!
Kira and Josh posing
Mike looking manly and handsome as usual
Hannah and Josh sneaking seconds
girls dressing up for church
the lads
Pete and Rachel enjoying the sun
Hazel and Sharon pretending to work
Wopsi's beauty salon
Nathan the incredible hulk
Josie and Rachel ready for a night out
Kat in her sunday best
look how proud they are of their youth leader haha!
class of 2013 ready to go home!
Some of our guys stayed on for Momentum, basically Soul Survivor for grown ups!
nice time visiting Kez for her birthday
Simon, Jack and Jason - legendary Glossopians
Joe Connell enjoying my camera work
waiting for spicy meatballs
Simon and Jack on the soft stuff
the birthday girl herself, Kezia!
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2012 was fab, fab and double fab!! Great camping area again, bit muddy in places, but not too far from the main area. Again, another year of making and cementing friendships, with the crazy lovable lot from Glossop (Nr Manchester) and our new found buddies from Verwood in Dorset.

We also had a few of the guys from Cornerstone Hythe URC with us again and had about 35 in our group all in all. Everyone left feeling very blessed by all that God had done and is continuing to do and very blessed to have made new friends. It was also great that Dave had new victims (sorry blessed listeners) for his brilliant jokes!!! Some of the older teens stayed on for even more blessing at Momentum! You could say WE WERE BLESSED!! 2013 is going to be a fun re-union!

the gang chillin out
steve wondering if seconds are being served!
hazel up to no good again
not sure what shaz did to make them all laugh!
foot stomping fun!
jamie telling steve one of dave's fantastic jokes
verwoodians, cornerstonians, lighthouseites and glossopians enjoying lunch
rachael and wenna tucking in
jess losing the ball in the clouds
joel eating a guitar sandwich
are you sure this cream smells ok hahaha!
martha and jess blessing us with their smiles
a mans work is never done!
jamie, wopsi and martha serving the troops
shazza's spicy sausage sure is spicy! yum
tom, beth and kez chillin in daves front garden
simon not realising you use your hands to play the guitar
mike p and the gang on final night
bunch of wallys!!
Class of SS2012
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2011 was absolutely brilliant!!! Great camping area, great teamwork and brilliant fun all round. It was also a year of beginnings for some as north and south collided to make some great friendships. An exhausting but fantastic week. Roll on SS2012!
yes that is actually Em and Rachel working!!!
Hard working youth leader, Jamie taking 5
Simon... no words can describe this fella
Zany Laney and the Robinator
Josie... happy that her man is enjoying his lunch
fire at Will
The boys done good
After meal relaxation
after 5 nights of no sleep anyone would look this tired!
another meal time
barking mad this lot!
an outbreak of dalmationitis hits the camp
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Double WOW! What another fantastic Soul Survivor this year! We had a lovely corner of Orange 8 next to some beautiful trees and the M25! Another year of Sunny, Wet, Sunny, Damp, Hot, Cold, Moderate, Cloudy and other weather variables! It was great to have Ollie, Pete, Jess and others from Hythe URC with us and everyone had a fantastic time. Meals were as usual 3 star michelin quality and yet again we were the only group on site of 8000 plus with two full size gas ovens and a fridge!! Our village idiot this year (sorry I meant host) was the wonderful Jon Matthews who did a great job! Worship and teaching seminars were brill and over 400+ gave their lives to Christ during the week. Roll on SS '11 !
yep... fun times!
rehearsal for the non event
more rehearsal for the non event
Nathan looking far too relaxed in background entertaining the troops lots of volleyball
game on! is this a ball I see before me bring on the oil
Joe chillin out Hazel and Annie had far too many coffee breaks Jus chillin
It was actually really hot! Shaz chillin out in-between tea breaks Girlies engaged in girlie talk - dont get involved
Mike P spreading the love Phil Wickham leading worship awesome worship times
yep its an F sharp augmented 5th with a double tap on the lower E string Joel, Chris and Steven relaxing Helping pompey lot break into a caravan!
enjoying the amazing sunshine! Ian praying or sleeping? Girls on their seconds
Yep thats me an my hunnybunny No dont ask! Kez after her 3rd plate of beans
Joe lurking in the distance! Pretending to work AAAWW!
Line em up and ship em out yes the food was that good! Our wild man of the woods sneaking a little munch
Kristian looking forward to his meal! Little hobbits sprang up everywhere Annie opening her 30th tin of beans
Yes we saw who kept nibbling the cheese Heres one for the ladies (sorry Kate!) I meant you! Kila longing for freedom
even more meal times Steven getting creamed, far too trusting! Bootiliscious!
Thunderbird and thunderpants Ollie not impressed with Jons joke! Boots full of jelly, custard, spag bol, curry and much much more!
Hungry URCs Sam enjoying Daz & Shaz singing yet another meal time
Hungry hopers WopsiWoo engrossed in the service! girls are loud
Mike wondering if thats Joes feet or the cheese he can smell no idea what Ian is up to here !? Josh and Kate texting eachother
Pete & Ollie cooking up a storm Jon in his sunday best Everyone worked hard all week
Brad Pitt lookalike was the hardest worker at camp all week! Newflash..! Poncho man scares innocent bystander Junior master chef
Waiting for Ollie to don the boots of shame Mike finding the grass too hot thousands in unified worship, brilliant!
The graduation gang of 2010 Kez "helping" to pack up! The secret of happiness!
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WOW! What a fantastic Soul Survivor this year! We had a brilliant spot near the equator on the peaks of mount Pink 6 and apart from the killer wasp's it was the best one yet! The wasps's were'nt the only ones buzzing and stacks of teens gave their hearts to Christ during the week. The worship was awesome as usual and the weather was very "crowded house" (four season's in one day and all that....!) We teamed up again with Matt Lockwood and his posse from Kings Church and had a great time "encouraging" each other! Roll on SS '10!
food fit for a king - or girlies
ian looking very macho and intents!! sponsored stretching
chris and rory on their 3rds! wopsy woo preparing the salad kezia flying a kite
band of brothers (and sisters) full scale game of kingdom so thats where all the prawn cocktail crisps went!
the hardest workers all week!!! jamie oliver, eat your heart out! oh yeah, mellow folk death metal in the sun
hazel's angel's yet another meal time ian and dave, champions of the world!
lois and juicy melon serving more munching ok, so i was in a strop, big deal, get over it!
can't believe we wore those hats emily losing yet again at kingdom mike and chloe trying their best not to get too close!
yes, another mealtime! yay its the sun annie getting her own back on dave for some unknown reason!
everyone worked really hard to make it a good camp no comment! again... no comment!
awesome services last evening service late night poker session
packing up time ok guys, who did it? chloe making a complete pig of herself
new hope and kings church posse last day group pic traditional end of camp bundle matt time!
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This year, the youth had a fantastic time mixing with the youth from Kings Church and apart from the full scale 1 hour water fight, had a really good time together. Hopefully its the start of many years getting together at soul survivor and other youth events!
yeah, get them working from day one!
hazel getting help from matt lockwood, kings church youth pastor and brother of our pastor tim!
hurry up, we're hungry!
annie having a mad 5 minutes!
oy, shouldn't you guys be at the service?
matt and gang from kings church
rory eating his 3rds
dave & hazel lovingly preparing the meals!
the fozzys having a ball
kez, chloe & em enjoying the heatwave!
don't ask!
yep, that's the birthday girl
oh no the water fight is kicking off
now where did i put my tent?
the camps bestest ever helpers
new hope & kings church united once again after water fight of the century
wet hugs
ian the responsible leader getting his own back on jamie
mike pilavachi preaching
thousands of young folk
hundreds responded every night
ian and gang enjoying the worship
josie and her birthday cake!
both groups had a great time together
ian and dave providing the "late night entertainment"!
nothing to do with me, honest!
go on hilary, put your back into it
the lads "carpet"!
we didn't do it, honest!
cath showing me she can count to 5
couldn't have done it without our hero, darren!
the guilty ones! just ask ian or matt why!
new hope & kings church youth and leaders
final group pic of 2008
right, you've been asking for this
c'mon guys, I've gotta get home!
rachel & kez enjoying ians singing!
jamie coming second in gurning contest
hey, hey its the fozzy's
scene of the crime
calling a truce after water fight
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chloe and emily looking busy
dave & hazel masterchefs supreme!
hazel with the blues brothers
village sports day
save me from that mouse
fire exit in concert at cafe uno
awesome worship
tim hughes leading worship
ian & dave chillin' out
yep, crazy hat season
nosh time
cath & josie serving 5 star nosh
emily pointing for no reason?!
you'll never get a taxi with that pose
c'mon mike, time to get up!
final morning pic
hi carb breakfast before heading home
Yes, our crafty youth (and leaders!) started the pegging craze at Soul Survivor!
Don't forget... be alert as you never know when..... You've been pegged!
cath getting pegged
mike pretending not to notice
ian the master pegger getting village host! class!
someone dared to peg hazel!
josie's obviously not ticklish
another master pegger gets pegged
tequila is too trusting
mike still convinced he's immune to the mystery of the peg
kriss looking far too innocent
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