The Knights started out in 1993 as a group of mates who rode, rallied and generally ‘hung out’ together. In 1995, Jim Mac, the founder of the Knights, experienced something that was to change his life forever. He had a close encounter with the Holy Spirit which led him to Jesus.

Jim made a decision to follow Christ along with another member, Georgina, who later became his wife. This couldn’t help but affect the other club members, so much so that the club began to take tentative steps toward the church. By December 1995 a decision was made to become a Christian bikers club, in the following January other Christian bikers began to join up.

These guys were from all sorts of backgrounds – drink, drugs, violence (some of them were actually quite nice!). The only thing they used to have in common was bikes. Now they’ve each got their own story to tell, of how something happened in their lives that has shown them that Jesus Christ is alive and is reaching out to anyone who is man or woman enough to accept Him. Jesus is a real life-changer.

They meet together to attend rallies, bike shows, have runs out – and generally enjoy themselves. Their aim however, is to share the excellent good news, they have each found to be true, with fellow bikers. They are ready and willing to explain what their lives were like before allowing God onto the scene – and what the results have been.

LCC is host to the KOA breakfast once a month (see LCC diary for dates) where many bikers and some non-bikers attend forming long lasting friendships.


For more information about the KOA please see Colin Smith (KOA President) on a sunday at LCC or visit their website.


BREAKFAST @LCC 2020: Saturdays 9am

Currently suspended until further notice