Evangelical Action Brazil, first named "The Gospel to Brazil Faith Mission" is a Christian Evangelical charity which has been active in North East Brazil since 1938. The Mission is based in Patos, a rural town in the state of Paraiba, four hundred miles south of the equator.

It is a semi-arid area particularly prone to drought and epidemic. Paraiba is also a particularly poor part of Brazil. It has an infant mortality rate of fifteen times higher than Britain, a life expectancy of less than fifty years, ten years less than the Brazilian national average, and more than two out of three of it's children suffer from some form of malnutrition. Less than one fifth of it's houses have any sanition, electricity or running water.

It was into this environment that GTB's founder Albert Mundy felt God calling him in 1930. It wasn't until 1938, however that he arrived with his wife Daisy to begin the work. The early years were difficult and often dangerous but the work flourished, establishing its first church building in 1943. In March 1949, Frank and Ivy Dyer sailed for Brazil to begin a dedicated life of service for GTB, Ivy still continues to serve to this day. The present Director John Medcraft married Elizabeth - the Dyer's daughter - in 1969, moving to Brazil in 1972, taking over the Directorship from Frank Dyer after his death in 1987.

Today Gospel to Brazil renamed Evangelical Action Brazil continues to thrive and grow in its fruitfulness. Whilst evangelism and Christian teaching have always formed the central core of its activities, EAB believes practical social work to be a fundamental part of the Gospel message. Through its ministry in the community EAB has gained great respect amongst the people as well as establishing much favour with local officials as they demonstrate God's love and grace through many practical works.


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Lighthouse Community Church is very pleased to sponsor children in Brazil as part of EAB's "Action Child" campaign. If You'd like to know more and would like to sponsor children yourself, then please contact EAB direct or LCC admin.


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Hope for Justice


MAF operates over 130 light aircraft to reach some of the remotest people on earth. Overcoming treacherous terrain and soaring over deserts, jungles and mountains, MAF flies to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Communities locked behind formidable geographical barriers or cut off by disaster or war.

Flying to reach over 1 million people each year and landing at over 1,800 destinations, MAF delivers physical and spiritual care. Only six miles separate Lapalama from Kompiam, and hospital treatment, but it takes two days on foot to get to the hospital. With MAF aircraft, that time is cut down to just four minutes. MAF planes save precious time and precious lives.

Operating for over 65 years, MAF’s aircraft has changed over the decades, but the purpose remains the same. MAF fly to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

It’s a story of adventure, of lives being saved and of God’s amazing provision and protection.

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We also support and are involved in missions and ministry in Uganda and other parts of the world.

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